— C R E A T I V E  C O N C E P T U A L  R E S T A U R A N T S,  B A R S  &  M O R E —
Timothy Groeneweg and Justin Kooijman are the proud founders and owners of Two Dutchmen, based in Amsterdam and Dubai, UAE. Two Dutchmen is a company specialized in creative concept and business creation, leisure consultancy and business coaching. No project is too crazy, big or impossible, everything is possible when you can imagine it! We are here to help you and/or your company to take the next step and we are happy to help and explore the journey you would like to take! 

TWO DUTCHMEN has a fierce attitude, nothing is too big or bold and when you think it ‘can’t be done’, we’ll do it and make it happen! No challenge is too big, we will make your dream and concept come to life! From creative solutions for problems of all sizes to creativing a creative business idea and setting up all the steps that have to be taken to make your business idea a reality, everything is possible.

Why be mediocre when you can be outstanding and great? Never settle for anything less than perfect, and success will be coming your way no matter what! We’re happy to guide you through the strategies, visuals and choices we will have to make, and we will be by your side throughout this exciting journey. We’re here to challenge you, your dreams and business, as well as help you to make them real! We never settle for ‘good enough’, we’re going for ‘GREAT’! If you’re standing out just a little over your competitors, you will always be successful and busy.

TWO DUTCHMEN is here to help you design your new concept. Whether it’s a single bar, restaurant, (boutique) hotel, attraction, museum, or a franchise concept, we’re ready to help and assist you wherever you need. From design, lay-out, menus, staffing, decor, and atmosphere to the tiniest details, our job is to make the project great and an astonishing success! Storylines can be included, attention to detail is obviously a must and the bigger picture has to make sense, we’ll make that happen and carefully weigh out all options, possibilities and assessments to make you successful for the long run!.

Our business coaching will help you on the way to create your own creative business. Whether you want to disrupt a market, create an entirely new business, or have some fun creating something new in an existing market, we are here to help and assist you. From the first step, which always seem the hardest but is actually the easiest, to the how and why of managing your existing business, we are with you every step of the way and give you the advice you need.

Our consultancy in leisure is top notch and will help you with any challenge you are facing. Whether it’s due to external or internal reasons that your business or … has to change, or whether you would like to start a new experience, we’re here to advise and help. From museum layouts to design and building a long and lasting new experience for your visitors, to assortment choices, decorations and sales and systems, we are there to put all of them in place and help you run a smooth and carefree operation.

If you need any advice regarding touristic, museal or government support, please contact us to discuss the possibilities and opportunities. An external vision is something that every organization sometimes needs to take that extra step, or in our case, take the next leap!

Our F&B consultancy goes through every point of a business, from the base camp
where a concept is devised, all the way to the top for victory celebrations.

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